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Two very different words. So why do so many financial advisors seem to get them confused?
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advisor or adviser n. a person who advises; one who is empowered to make recommendations through experience or specialist knowledge.

n. a person who sells merchandise or services; one skilled in persuading others to buy.

Whether you’re looking for business or individual personal financial advice, the first and foremost thing you need to know is that you can trust your advisors. So why Kirk Newsholme?

The first reason is simple: we’re genuine advisors, not salespeople. Kirk Newsholme Financial Planning is led by Peter Blinkhorn and Richard Leonard – highly qualified chartered financial planners with years of experience in finance from retirement, tax and investment planning for both personal and corporate clients. We are based in Leeds but, over the years, we have helped numerous clients throughout the UK.

If an advisor is offering genuine advice, we believe they have to be independent… and we are. Our fee-based advice is based on what we consider to be right for you – not anyone else. We have no affiliation with any financial services provider. Our constant priority is to provide the best possible service, and to ensure that every one of our clients know they are important to us.

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Advisors. Not salesmen...
"I never stopped wondering if my previous advisor's decisions were being made primarily for my financial well-being or his. Now I never have to think about it."
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