Autumn Edition 2017


  • Millions of Women will be poorer due to State Pension Changes
  • Winter is coming – what lies ahead?
  • Inheritance Tax: the government rakes in £5bn
  • Retired Households hand over £7,400 to the taxman
  • Will your pension go to the wrong person?
  • How much will you spend in retirement?

Summer Edition 2017


  • Baby-boomers set to pass on a ‘wall of wealth’
  • More pensioners than ever are working into their 70’s
  • Brexit – where are we now?
  • Why it pays to keep an eye on your portfolio
  • The pension changes – how mistakes are still being made

Spring Edition 2017


  • Does how you invest reflect your generation?
  • Are you facing a mid-life savings crisis?
  • Investment risk and volatility – how to keep your cool
  • Pension savers set to miss out on unclaimed tax relief
  • What families need to know about the residence nil-rate band

Winter Edition 2016


  • Gen O struggling to save
  • Investment risk – where are you on the spectrum?
  • Self-employment booms amongst women – but pensions suffer
  • Pension scams – more stolen than first thought
  • IHT Planning for couples – changes you need to know about



Autumn Edition 2016


  • KNFP serving up a slice of advice for 10 years
  • Could you take a sabbatical?
  • Have you hit your peak?
  • Where now for investors?
  • Wealth managers raising their game to attract Millennials
  • Investment jargon – busted



Summer Edition 2016


  • ISA – flexible rules on withdrawals
  • Choosing to diversify your portfolio
  • Meeting the needs of last-time buyers
  • The importance of advice – dealing with market volatility
  • The new Lifetime ISA – what you need to know



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