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Kirk Newsholme – Clearly defined Independent Financial Advice
Accountants Leeds Individual adj. 1. Of, relating to, characteristic of, or meant for a single person or thing. 2. Separate or distinct, esp. from others of its kind; particular.

Clients come to Kirk Newsholme for advice under many different circumstances, but all are united by a common need to make sensible provisions for the future on behalf of themselves and their families. Our advisors are extremely experienced in helping individuals to make financial plans based on their specific needs and priorities.

One of the many factors which distinguishes our approach from that of other advisors is our ability to take a look at the full picture of your finances, closely tying together recommendations on tax obligations with those on pension provision and investment strategy.

We recognise that our private clients are all individuals with their own circumstances and preferred ways of doing things. The service we provide and the advice we give will always reflect this.

To find out more about our services for private clients, contact Peter Blinkhorn or Richard Leonard online or
call 0113 204 4224.

Individual advice.
Not ‘one size fits all’…
“I was delighted by the way Kirk Newsholme went out of their way to build a full picture of my finances. They developed a tailored solution based on my real needs, which were anything but typical!”

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