Why choose us?

Financial advice: if you’re going to depend on it, shouldn’t it be independent?

Kirk Newsholme – Clearly defined Independent Financial Advice
Accountants Leeds Independent adj 1. Free from control in action, judgement etc.; autonomous 2. Not reliant on the support, esp. financial support, of others. 3. A person who is not affiliated to or who acts independently of another body or institution.

Business client or private… seeking financial advice for the first time, or looking for fresh perspective… Kirk Newsholme may be able to help you.

At Kirk Newsholme, we want to redefine the way people relate to their advisors. Too many ‘advisors’ only see their clients when they want to sell them something. Our help is provided on your terms, not our own – we’ll be here when you need us to be, with advice on any and all aspects of your finances. And we’ll contact you if we think we can offer you a better way of doing things, instead of pointing it out at a distant review meeting when it’s too late for you to take full advantage.

We’re small enough to offer you close personal attention and consistency of service – but big enough to offer you expert advice from senior people with large organisation experience.

And finally… we’re approachable, knowledgeable, and above all independent.

The guidance and/or advice contained in this is subject to UK regulatory regime and is therefore targeted to consumers based in the UK. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Taxation Advice.

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