Peter Blinkhorn – Director

Peter Blinkhorn

A highly qualified Chartered Financial Planner, Peter works very closely with us to provide advice aimed at maximising clients’ investments and – where possible – reducing tax liabilities. His role involves identifying and carefully considering benefits both to the business and the individual.

Specialist areas of expertise:
Whilst Peter is highly capable of advising across all areas of independent financial advice, he is particularly skilled in the areas of retirement and tax planning.

“The most satisfying part of my role is the point where I almost become an “invisible” professional partner to a client. It is incredibly satisfying and rewarding to feel that a client has put their trust in you and your advice – and of course, the ultimate goal is achieving their objectives.”

Pastimes: Golf
Team: Leeds Utd
Food: Thai
Film: Life of Brian
Quirky Fact: I’ve played 238 golf-courses (at time of writing) and have a list detailing each and every one.

Telephone Direct Line: 0113 204 4214
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“Richard and Peter are frank, honest blokes who quickly gain your trust. If your previous experience of financial advisors has been a progression of faceless names, you’ll notice the difference straight away. I did.”

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