Welcome to Kirk Newsholme

Welcome to Kirk Newsholme Financial Planning

Whether you’re looking for business or individual personal financial advice, the first and foremost thing you need to know is that you can trust your advisers. So why Kirk Newsholme?

If an adviser is offering genuine advice, we believe they have to be independent… and we are. Our fee-based advice is based on what we consider to be right for you – not anyone else. We have no affiliation with any financial services provider. Our constant priority is to provide the best possible service, and to ensure that every one of our clients know they are important to us.

We are proud to hold the prestigious ‘Chartered Financial Planners’ designation by the Chartered  Insurance Institute. This is the industry’s gold standard for firms of financial planners and confirms we have satisfied rigorous qualification criteria by retaining highly-qualified staff who subscribe to the membership criteria of the Institute.


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Whatever your end product may be, business is all about people. Here’s a quick introduction to some of ours…

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Business Clients

For many years, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and helped the people who run them to achieve their personal and business objectives.

Private Clients

Our advisors are extremely experienced in helping individuals to make financial plans based on their specific needs and priorities.

Client Feedback

98% of our clients rate us very good to excellent across all areas.


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Kirk Newsholme

Although a separate company, we also have access to the expertise of over 40 professionals at Kirk Newsholme Chartered Accountants…