Committed to
providing the highest
standards of service

Whether you’re looking for advice as a private client or a business, Kirk Newsholme Financial Planning’s approach is the same: each and every one of our clients is important to us, so we’ll make sure we treat you as such.

Proper communication plays a large part in this. We’ll talk to you openly, constructively and often. You’ll have the close, personal attention of board directors at all times – and consistently high standards of service from people who’ll get to know you as a person, not an ‘account’.

We’ll begin by discussing your aims and your priorities, before working closely with you to develop a detailed Financial Plan to address your objectives. And once we’ve agreed a plan, we’ll review it regularly and proactively to address changing needs, market situations, changes in legislation and fresh opportunities.

Throughout the process, you stay in full control, and you stay fully informed. it’s all about communication.

Our approach

We believe we are different – because that’s what our clients tell us. The traditional financial advisory business model is based on the assumption that following an initial consultation, a client will buy a financial product, resulting in a commission payment to the adviser. As professional financial planners, we believe that financial planning is not about products. Rather than selling you a product, we focus on your goals and objectives and consider the bigger picture.

We work as a team which also makes us different. Our Support Team takes care of all the administration as well as research and reporting. To enhance our independence, we use a premium, third party investment process which deals with risk assessment, asset allocation and fund selection. The investment committee, which consists of members from several areas of the financial services profession, meets regularly to monitor Recommended Funds to ensure they are performing to the high standard expected.

Our clients have easy access to us; we want to be available when you need us. We are happy to meet you at our office, your home, your business, even at your accountant’s or solicitor’s office. We understand how busy you are so we make best use of the telephone and email to stay in touch throughout the year.

To find out more about the way we work, contact us online or call 03332 401 333.


Lifestyle goals Barriers and Risks Solutions

1. Initial meeting discuss your aims and learn about our services

2. Gather data and set goals and aims

3. We prepare your financial plan

4. Present and discuss your financial plans

5. Implement the agreed plan

6. Review your financial plan regularly

Our approach in action