Like most people, you probably hope to enjoy a similar standard of living in retirement as you do during your working life but achieving this means that you need to plan in advance. Issues you will need to consider include:

Exit Strategies

If you are in business, considering your exit strategy is a priority. Will you withdraw from the business, leaving it for the next generation, or do you hope to sell the business? If you intend to hand the business over, do you have a workable succession plan? If you intend to sell, how will you value the business or find a suitable buyer? And are you aware of all the tax implications of the timing of disposals?

Pension Provision

Have you made adequate pension provision, and do you have the right type of pension? Are you aware of all the pension possibilities open to business owners and directors? Are you making full use of all your allowances?

Savings and Investments

Do you have the right balance between savings and investments, and between high and low risk exposures?

Life Assurance and Long-Term Care

Do you have adequate life assurance, and have you made provision for long-term care and medical insurance for you and your spouse in your later years. We can help you answer all these questions and recommend solutions tailored to your particular needs.

It would also be wise to consider how issues such as Estate planning and Trusts can play a part in your retirement strategy.

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