Building a relationship based on trust

The obligations of Trustees can be complex and difficult to grasp, especially when the potentially confusing nature of the various Trustee Acts is considered. Basically, Trustees need to:

  • consider the suitability of an investment, and review on a regular basis
  • consider the need for diversification, to the extent that is appropriate for the circumstances of the trust
  • take “proper” investment advice

Kirk Newsholme Financial Planning is extremely experienced in advising Trustees – not only in helping them to action, report and document their obligations, but also in ensuring that their investments are appropriately chosen and monitored. We aim to help you by:

  • Establishing the appropriate asset allocation to arrive at a properly diversified portfolio.
  • Assessing the volatility of chosen investments to make sure you’re comfortable with the risk level.
  • Keeping you fully informed on any changes to taxation and legislation that may impact upon your clients’ assets.
  • Ensuring that legal responsibilities are met and the requirements of your trusts are maintained.

Of course some trustees choose to manage these obligations themselves. But do you really feel comfortable in taking on the full burden of responsibility for all these considerations?

The Kirk Newsholme Financial Planning Trustee Advisory Service

Kirk Newsholme Financial Planning offer a Trustee Advisory Service to Solicitors, Professional and Lay Trustees. The service is designed to help you comply with your duties and obligations. We cut through the complexity to support you and your clients, providing the investment advice while you retain absolute control of the relationship with both the settlor and beneficiaries.

The service includes:

  • Creation and maintenance of an “Investment Policy Statement”
  • Asset allocation
  • Investment advice
  • Tax and “wrapper” planning
  • 24/7 online access
  • Ongoing review and rebalancing
  • Consolidated tax certificates

By visiting the Trustee Advisory Process page of this website you can find out how the service works in practice. We’ve also prepared some key questions to bear in mind when you’re ensuring that you’re in a position to meet your duties as a Trustee as fully and effectively as possible.

To find out more about our services for Trustees, contact us online or call 03332 401 333.