Peter Blinkhorn

Chartered Financial Planner

“The most satisfying part of my role is the point where I almost become an “invisible” professional partner to a client. It is incredibly satisfying and rewarding to feel that a client has put their trust in you and your advice – and of course, the ultimate goal is achieving their objectives.”

Key role at Kirk Newsholme Financial Planning:

A highly qualified Chartered Financial Planner, Peter provides advice aimed at maximising clients’ investments and – where possible – reducing tax liabilities. His role involves identifying and carefully considering benefits both to the business and the individual.

Specialist areas of expertise:

Whilst Peter is highly capable of advising across all areas of independent financial advice, he is particularly skilled in the areas of retirement and tax planning.

Pastimes: Golf
Team: Leeds Utd
Food: Thai
Film: Life of Brian
Quirky Fact: I’ve played 322 golf-courses (at time of writing) and have a list detailing each and every one.