Wayne Vernon

Chartered Financial Planner

“The most enjoyable part of my role is seeing the positive impact our advice can have on people and their futures.  Whether this is materially beneficial in terms of greater overall financial security or psychological in terms of guiding a client through complex and important decision making, helping them achieve things they thought were not possible and to see the benefits that our input provides the client over the longer term gives me a great sense of satisfaction.”

Key role at Kirk Newsholme Financial Planning:

Wayne is a highly qualified Chartered Financial Planner with over 20 years’ experience of working in the Financial Services industry.  He provides advice to a broad range of clients ranging from private individuals, family groups, trusts, charities, owner managed businesses, and larger corporations.

Specialist areas of expertise:

As a Chartered Financial Planner Wayne provides advice across a broad range of areas.  He has a particular speciality in retirement planning and pensions advice and has worked as a subject matter expert in this area for many years.

Pastimes:  Running, Football, Food
Team:  Sheffield Wednesday
Food:  A tough one to choose but if pushed I would say anything Italian
Film/Book:  I enjoy the fiction and science fiction of Iain Banks  / Iain M Banks but tend to shy away from some of his darker novels!
Quirky/Interesting Fact: I nearly had to propose to my wife in the arrivals area of Sydney airport after a sniffer dog picked up on the scent of an airline sandwich that was in my carry-on luggage.  The ring was in the same bag but luckily the security guard must have spotted the box and I was spared from having to empty the contents entirely.

Later that trip I was able to propose as planned – and she said yes – although I’m still slightly upset that my chicken sandwich was confiscated!